A downloadable game for Windows

The game that my team and I made for the Global Game Jam 2016!
Here is the link of the GGJ page of the game:

Global Game Jam 2016 - The Rituals


Two players will cooperate to help a Maya shaman to keep alive the summoned deity Quetzalcoatl to defeat enemies of his tribe. The game is set in a split-screen window: on one side, one player will control the Quetzalcoatl, moving, shooting and collecting enemy' souls; on the other side, the other player will control the shaman, who will combine the souls in offers to the deity to get rewards which affect the first player (energy, shoot power, speed). But combinations are unknown: the player will have to find out which have which effects, and some could also offend the deity!

Hope you will enjoy it!

Install instructions

Just run the executable.


Rise Of The Quetzalcoatl 23 MB

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