Old Dave needs to go on with his life, but he is not strong enough, not alone.

He needs help from his past, using the photos he had made when he was younger to find the strenght to continue on his journey.

Why won't you give Dave your help too?


Dave's Album is a puzzle platformer in which you have to use the items that you find with young Dave to solve the puzzles old Dave has to overcome to keep going.

To take an element from the past to the future you have to make a photo of it, but it's not that easy, because you have to follow the next three rules:

  1. First, you have to stand in front of the object
  2. Second, you need at least one paper to make the photo
  3. Third, you cannot take a photo of an object you have already photographed

If you take a photo of something you don't need, you can always free the paper, as you can always retrieve an object you put in the future to move it to another place.

The goal is simple: find the key in the past, and use it to open the door in the future, so Dave can go on with his life.



Dave's Album - Android

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